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Dresses with Stories


Paula Seling wearing the Serenity floral printed maxi evening dress - Sinestezic
“Wonderful, original, excellent ideas, their creations are gates to stories, where everything seems magical.”
Paula Seling,
Blue maxi evening dress printed with floral paintings Sinestezic
“Quality, passion, professionalism, warmth and art. These are some of the words that describe Mădălina and Sinestezic. Always welcomed with smiles, cakes, and warmth, the experience was very enjoyable. I always felt that I was visiting a friend and not going to fitting. […] Mădălina is the only choice for any woman who wants a really special dress!”
Ştefana Sălăjean,
Maxi evening dress printed with floral paintings Sinestezic
“Thank you for your patience and understanding. You have created the most comfortable dress in my wardrobe and the most appreciated one!”
Ramona Mihaela Pode,
Blue maxi evening dress printed with butterfly paintings Sinestezic | SinestezicQueens
“I’ve been wearing special clothes all my life, thanks to the job I chose. I wanted something spectacular, and Mădălina created a dream dress. I have never been so beautiful and so real! Thank you Mădălina!”
Cristina Ioan,

Wear Your Story

About Us

Sinestezic was born in Transylvania – the land of magic, where the evening comes hand in hand with the fantasy.

We imagine a world in which the real beauty is not standard, the inner peace is the most valuable kind of makeup and the boldness of always being true to yourself is the most valuable accessory.

We see the world around us in vivid colors and sometimes our imagination’s paintings become watercolor on paper. After that – thanks to modern technologies – they are transposed on the textiles from which we make fairy clothes meant to dress impressive women, just like yourself!

Who We Are

Mădălina Zlampareț

Mădălina Zlampareț

Co-founder & Fashion Designer

Mădălina Zlampareț is the Creative Director of the brand. Sinestezic is her opportunity to design unique dresses with rich stories and follow her passion for fashion and painting. She studied Fashion Design at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca and Painting at Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Etienne in France.

Andrei Zlampareț

Andrei Zlampareț

Co-founder & Managing Director

Andrei Zlampareț is the Managing Director of the brand. He founded Sinestezic with the vision of creating a global lifestyle brand, that is customer-focused and delivers outstanding value. He studied Engineering at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest. He worked at his own design company before starting Sinestezic.