About Us

Our Story
Sinestezic was founded by Andrei Zlampareț and the European fashion designer Madalina Zlamparet and had its beginnings in a small apartment in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with two laptops, a sewing machine and passion for watercolor painting and fashion. We are a small brand with big vision. We are committed to listening to our community and putting them at the center of everything we do.
Sinestezic | White Peony Dress | Natures Noise Collection
Unique in the True Sense
Sinestezic is an European fashion brand for women, located somewhere in Transylvania, that produces apparels, designed by the European fashion designer Madalina Zlamparet. Because we love fashion and watercolor painting, we decided to share these great two passions with you, creating unique apparels in the true sense. Most of the Sinestezic clothes are printed with our illustrations. They are printed on the fabric with a special technique that makes these prints timeless.
Our Vision
We envision a world in which beauty is seen as imperfect and unique. Our ambition is to inspire and help our community of women to look wonderful, feel wonderful and exceed their limits in their own unique way, by delivering outstanding value and meaningful online experience.
Union of Senses
Fashion is all about senses and perception. Sinestezic means synaesthetic in Romanian. Synesthesia is also called “Union of senses“.
Sinestezic | Inspired by people, nature, music and colors
Inspired By
Nature, people, music and colors in a synaesthetic way.
Company Ethics

We Support Local Jobs
With every Sinestezic purchase you keep alive the jobs of 11 people with disabilities from our non-profit partner, ASSOC. They are providing the packages in which we deliver the products to you.
All of our products are manufactured locally. By purchasing from Sinestezic you keep alive the local craftsmanship.

Ethical Trade
All our products are manufactured locally under good conditions, following a ban on child labor, forced labor, discrimination and in compliance with environmental legislation.

We Recycle & We Support Orphans
By purchasing our garments you support the environment through recycling. All the fabric scraps from the production process are used by our non-profit partner, Team For Youth Association, for producing puppets for puppet shows and decorative pillows which are donated to orphanages. The puppet shows are also held for orphans. So not only you support the environment, but at the same time you give joy to many children.

We Recycle & We Support People With Disabilities
If you donate to us the old clothes purchased from Sinestezic, they will be resold at fundraising events and the funds will be donated through our non-profit partner, ASSOC, to people with disabilities. As a bonus, for every donation you make, you will receive a 10% credit towards your next Sinestezic purchase. For more info about this special offer, contact us at [email protected].

Sinestezic | Andrei Zlamparet | European Fashion Designer

Andrei Zlamparet
Co-founder Andrei Zlampareț started Sinestezic with the vision of creating a global lifestyle brand that delivers outstanding value and is customer-focused, to create a beautiful, easy and effective experience. Andrei studied engineering at Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest. He worked at his own design company a few years, until he married Mădălina and decided they should start a fashion brand together. He created this website to help turn Mădălina’s passions into a business.

Sinestezic | Madalina Zlamparet | European Fashion Designer

Madalina Zlamparet
The European fashion designer Madalina Zlamparet is the co-founder, the print designer and the fashion designer of the brand. She decided to start Sinestezic because of the opportunity to design unique products with rich stories and follow her passion for fashion. Painting is another passion of hers that she fulfills through Sinestezic. Most of the clothes are printed with her watercolor paintings. She studied Fashion Design at University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. She also studied Arts for one semester at Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Etienne in France.
Sinestezic | Manifesto