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January 2017

How to Wear Colors | Second Part

As I promised in the last article, I prepared for you the appropriate colors for intense warm pigmentation and intense cold. No matter what season we’re in, we shouldn’t be shy and avoid wearing a little bit of color. This year, trends inspire emotions and feelings, hope, transformation and renewal. These are the best reasons to reinterpret ourselves and start wearing clothes that emanate positive vibes. 1. Intense warm pigmentation Warm colors can emphasize this type of skin, warm (golden). Even pastel [...]

December 2016

How to wear colors | Blog Tips | Sinestezic

How to Wear Colors | First Part

In case you’ve run out of ideas and you don’t know how to choose a color that suits you, I have some tips for you. Indeed, sometimes we don’t feel comfortable wearing any type of color because, just as with white, there are so many different shades of colors and only some of them suit us. So, today we begin with the palette of colors for the light pigmentation, cold and warm. 1. Light and cold pigmentation Like I mentioned in the [...]

November 2016

How to Wear White | Sinestezic | Blog

How to Wear White | Second Part

As I promised in the last article “How to Wear White”, we go on with white and the other types of skin pigmentation, intense and contrasting pigmentation. These are also categorized by the undertone of the skin, which can be warm or hot. For these types of pigmentation, white as well as pastel colors are best emphasized by contrasting colors, dark and shiny.

Sinestezic | Blog | How to wear white

How to Wear White

I want to introduce you to some rules on how to wear white because not anyone can wear it in its pure form and at any outfit. Many times, people are afraid to wear it because it can’t completely camouflage their body. That’s why you have to carefully consider how the clothes are tailored, how to match the underwear and what should you do in case you want to wear two white pieces, plus what shades of white should [...]